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Breathing new life into a living room

28 Sep 2017

During last night's episode of HOMEmade, the team took on a living/dining room in real need of a makeover.

The family has usually eaten dinner in front of the TV and so the team wanted to create a space where the family would actually enjoy sitting together at the end of the day. With a two-week-old baby in the house, they also wanted to incorporate into this space a place where the family could relax and still be in the heart of the busy home.

For this makeover, the team painted the plywood walls in Resene Alabaster. What a difference it makes!


After: The walls are painted in Resene Alabaster and the ceiling is painted in Resene Eighth Black White. The window surrounds are painted in Resene Nero. 

Do you have trouble with citrus trees that grow fruit which never ripens? That was the challenge for the HOMEmade team when they tackled the garden makeover. 

Dan used Tui Sheep Pellets, Tui Garden Mix, Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser and Seaweed Plant Tonic to better nurture the soil and planted new citrus trees, along with a selection of delicious fruit trees and plants to rejuvenate and add variety to the family's garden.



The HOMEmade team also created an outdoor entertainment space featuring a fire bowl for the homeowners and their two children to enjoy. Get Tui’s Urban Fruit Forest Guide here.

?Catch episodes of HOMEmade on TVNZ1, Wednesdays at 7.30pm. If you missed last night's episode, you can watch at