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Bug off this summer

08 Nov 2016

Not looking forward to another season of house flies in seemingly unlimited numbers? Bug Juice is a remarkable insecticide paint additive designed to eliminate crawling and flying insects on interior and exterior surfaces.

Inside, it will help reduce fly spots, rid your cornices of spiders and webs, and stop ants invading your home. It’s particularly effective if you use it for skirting boards and entry door architraves.

Outside, you can get the mozzies before they get you, and stop crawling bugs investing your eaves and roof space. If you have dark cladding, you’ll know how badly spider webs show up. Just remember, if you have a bee-friendly garden, restrict Bug Juice to the house area so bees don’t accidently come into contact.

Bug Juice doesn’t repel insects. It is a contact pesticide and begins to work after an insect makes contact with the treated surface. Bug Juice can be added to paints to be used on most interior and exterior surfaces including kitchens and pantries.

Bug Juice won’t affect the colour or drying time of the paint it is mixed with, and it’s completely odourless.  

Bug Juice will last up to four years depending on where it is applied. All you need to do is wash the surface with water twice a year to provide a clean surface for insects to land on. Ask about it at your local Resene ColorShop.

Published: 08 Nov 2016