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Build your own Christmas tree

18 Dec 2014

If you’ve left buying a fresh Christmas tree a bit late this year, take the lead from habitat reader Diana and make your own.

Diana gathered family and friends to make these trees from driftwood and Resene testpots, a wonderful summery alternative to traditional pine trees. 

To build a tree, you’ll need a square block of wood, 500m length of 6mm threaded rod, driftwood, seedpods and pine cones for Christmas ornaments, and testpots of your favourite Resene colours.

Drill a 6mm hole into the base of the wood, and insert the rod. Drill a 6mm hole into one side of each driftwood piece and thread through in order of length – longest at the bottom leading up to the shortest up top. 

How you decorate is up to you – from painted branches in green Resene Kakapo, to seedpods dipped in festive Resene Red Berry as dangling tree ornaments. 

Finish with a pinecone painted in Resene Gold and place atop your driftwood Christmas tree.