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Building happy kids

04 May 2016

Parenthood seems to drive many Resene users to greater depths of creativity. Certainly, the two new mums at Oh Deer & Co, take great pleasure in hand-crafting a range of products that their children love, and which they now share. Using child-friendly and safe products such as untreated pine finished in Resene paints (often from the Resene KidzColour range) and Resene Aquaclear waterborne polyurethane, they have a range of fun and colourful blocks, wooden animals and play gyms.

These blocks are finished with (from cross block, clockwise): Resene Lucky Dip, Resene Fairylight, Resene Splat and Resene Triple Concrete, Resene Black and Resene Vista Blue, and Resene Princess and Resene Fairylight.

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These blocks are finished in Resene Anakiwa (blue), Resene Sunshade (orange) and Resene White. 

These are in Resene Princess (pink), Resene Fairylight (purple) and Resene White.