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Candy can for those who can’t

29 Sep 2016

Candace Schrader has an addiction, which has taken over what used to be her husband’s shed – upcycling furniture with Resene paint.

It all began with the birth of her daughter two years ago with a dresser for the nursery, and is now a thriving enterprise called Home Candy. Based in New Plymouth, Candace has been selling through local markets and pop-up shops, and takes commissions. “I love transforming old unloved, often inherited pieces people can't let go of or are too scared to tackle themselves, into new statement pieces for their homes,” says Candace. She also works on smaller home decor items like coasters, coat racks and candles.

This desk was a commission for a teenage boy and is patterned in Resene Gumboot (dark grey) and Resene Quarter Stack. See the Home Candy Facebook page for more.