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Cleaning up the laundry room

12 Oct 2017

Laundries are often right at the bottom of the reno list, and can become uninspiring and downtrodden as time marches on. 

On last night's HOMEmade, the family's laundry room was in dire need of a makeover, and not only because of the wear and tear. With nine kids in the family, the room needed to be in tip top shape.

The team got to work, moving the laundry from the front of the house to the back, beside the kitchen. The walls were painted in Resene Pumice, with a coat hook wall in Resene Blackboard Paint, and a new washing machine and dryer were installed. A massive family hub fridge for easy access from the kitchen was also moved in. 

The end result is a utility space that is both practical and functional, helping the family to save time as well as making their life feel much more organised. 

Before: This cluttered room was overdue for a makeover.

After: Making use of every space, the laundry is now a great utilities room for the family of 11. The walls are painted in Resene Pumice, the ceiling and window surrounds are painted in Resene Soft Amber and the coat hook wall is painted in Resene Blackboard Paint. The coat hooks are painted in testpots using Resene Dawn Pink, Resene Wafer Pink, Resene Del Rio, Resene Green Mist, Resene Locust, Resene Flax, Resene Hot Grey, Resene Oslo Grey and Resene Tiara.

With nine children under nine-years-old, the backyard makeover had to be fun yet practical. Dan and his team introduced a backyard sandpit and playground, and an edible feijoa hedge, using Tui Garden Mix, Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser and Seasol.

As well as making a fantastic hedge, feijoa plants are hardy and easy to grow; providing this large family with an abundance of fruit, an excellent source of hydration and fibre. Get Tui’s Edible Hedge Guide here.

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