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Clipped to colour

21 Mar 2017

The creatives at Decor Handled continue to expand their product range, and use Resene colours to brighten up their pieces. These very cool clipboards (above) are detailed in Resene Atlas (dark green) and Resene Ciderhouse, two colours from the latest Resene The Range fashion colours 18 fandeck. Use them as fun accessories, to keep track of your papers or notes, hang them on the wall, or store them on your desk or bench. 

This range of clipboards uses (from right) Resene Ciderhouse, Resene Alert Tan, Resene Dixie Chick (gold), Resene Cosmos (pink) and Resene Riptide.

Decor Handled also makes a range of colourful handles using animal motifs, various shapes and Resene paint colours. 

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