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Eastern promise

15 Nov 2018

Delicate, whimsical designs that look more like a watercolour artwork from the 19th century, rich with colonial references and Eastern-style motifs – it’s a look that’s going strong in wallpaper. This interpretation above, Resene Wallpaper Collection design 90310 from Resene ColorShops, speaks of exotic, faraway places with its waving palms, elephants, flamingo and thatched huts. It’s like taking a holiday by looking at the walls of your own home.

Team it with colours from the Resene The Range fashion colours 20, such as Resene Rivergum, a smoky green, accents of Resene XOXO, a sweet pink and Resene Elderflower, a fizzy warm white.

The wallpaper design comes in other colourways including a blue/green combo.