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Flatmates in for a treat

07 Sep 2017

It was the turn of the flatmates this week on TVNZ1's HOMEmade, when the team made over the open-plan living area of this house. The room is the hub of the house, used everyday by all members of the flat. Interior designer Melissa Greenough and the team wanted to create a welcoming space that was comfortable and spacious for the flatmates to have friends and family around. 

It was important to lay new carpet that was not dated, which makes the room feel bigger. A bar with stools was added next to the kitchen to be used for casual dining or as a study space. The walls were painted in Resene White Pointer and the ceiling in Resene Black White. The result is a more mature, modern and sophisticated space for all the flatmates to relax, enjoy their meals and watch the TV but has youthful touches like the dartboard and crate-style side tables. 

The project had its challenges - the flatmates were very attached to the large new couch, so that had to stay, the wrong carpet was delivered which meant delays and some rotten floor panels needed to be replaced. 

Above: The flat's living area before the makeover. 

Outside, HOMEmade's Dan transformed the run-down side driveway for the sports mad brothers, into a multi-purpose car park and cricket pitch. Thanks to their parents living on mince on toast to purchase the flat, the boys now have a home away from home, and while they keep the lawn well mowed, the space was in need of some low maintenance wow factor that the boys and their flatmates can enjoy.

To withstand frequent use the car park strips were concreted, the well-worn lawn was patched using Tui Lawn Preparation Mix and Tui Superstrike Stadium Blend Lawn Seed and hedges planted to create privacy. See Tui’s step by step guide to creating your own backyard sports field here.

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