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Flower power

07 Jul 2016

For NZ House & Garden's July issue, the middle of winter, you'll find a beautifully styled floral feature, vibrant and inspiring – a nice break from the cold winter. 

"People want to forget about winter and have something bright and colourful to enjoy," says Richard Brunton, art director of NZ House and Garden. "Everyone loves flowers."

To create the images, stylists started with paints from Resene's latest colour range and tried to do something that would really pop out and be a bit unexpected, he says.

For example, you'd never expect to see a blue rose, so putting sky blue paint on a pink rose really stands out.

“We wanted each one to stand alone as an artwork and also work together as a series,” says Richard. “We ended up with  five really different images – from dark and moody flowers to a fresh citrus arrangement.”

He says to look out for the bold blue wall on the cover of the issue, which uses Resene Matisse. “Such a beautiful blue!” says Richard.

We’ll be giving away the prints (on canvas) in the next couple of weeks. Watch out for the competition in the habitat newsletter. Sign up here.