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With flying colours

12 Jun 2013

Phil Medcalf has a lifelong passion for making and flying model aircraft. Now retired, he has more time to spend on the hobby so once this Hog Bipe model was made, he needed an eye-catching colour scheme. The colourful Resene logo caught his eye and by chance, the local Resene stockist, Philip Jordan, is also a member of Phil’s modelling club, Nelson Aero Modelling Club. So with logo in hand, Phil created a design of a paint can falling over and spilling the rainbow of colour down the sides of the model, using a mixture of a home-produced waterslide transfer and air-brushed Resene testpots. The result has exceeded Phil’s expectations with a craft that’s certainly easy to spot in the air.  The Hob Bipe model is made from a kit produced by American company SIG. With a 1.4m wingspan it is powered by a 15cc four stroke methanol fuelled engine and weighs around 4kg.

Published: 12 Jun 2013