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Folly in the bay

26 Mar 2015

There’s a beast that lives on the slopes of Brick Bay vineyard, and you are all invited to meet it.

Belly of the Beast is the Brick Bay Folly Architectural Award winner; an impressive 12-metre structure clothed in a pelt of recycled tire tread shingles.

It forms part of the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, a luscious walk overlooking the vineyard, showing an ever-changing exhibition of outdoor art.

The design of the winning sculpture by Declan Burn and Matt Ritani has many influences, including Kahu t?? (Maori Flax Cloaks), a furry beast, the existing Brick Bay tower and Eva Hesse’s Accession series.

And beneath the rubbery pelt is a fiery red interior painted entirely in Resene Havoc. A cosy setting awaits, with low seating and a burning brazier, permeating gentle wood smoke.

Learn more about the designer’s inspiration through this video.

The sculpture can be viewed as part of the trail, which is open daily from 10am-5pm. For details, visit