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A freshen up for Dargaville Museum

31 Aug 2017

Dargaville is a town with an incredibly rich history – in the 1800s and early 1900s the kauri and gum industries brought people here from all over the world, timber mills worked around the clock and ships were constantly coming and going. Today Dargaville is a much quieter place, with a population of about four thousand. 

In the latest episode of Heritage Rescue team headed to the Northland town and to the Dargaville Museum, a big museum with lots of exhibits about early settler life and prominent local people.

Their makeover concentrated on the museum's entry and reception area as these parts were confusing and distracting to the visitor.

Resene Half White Pointer was chosen to create a serene, calm and tranquil entry foyer for the visitor as they enter and leave the very busy museum display areas. This colour also contrasted well and highlighted the kauri wood wall and joinery surfaces.

A very upbeat Resene Wet N Wild blue, created a rich focal point and impact on entry into the museum reception. Using a bright colour like this acts as a tool to draw the visitor into the museum reception area and through to the museum. The colour blue reflects the major maritime theme and provided a dynamic backdrop for two key collection items - a model ship and waka.

The rear reception wall was painted a tranquil light blue, Resene Link Water, and this was a way to differentiate the commercial zone in the reception foyer while still contributing to a calm zone needed with large and busy museum entry spaces.

Plinths in the commercial zone were also painted Resene Half White Pointer to provide a flawless display surface area for sale goods.

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