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Fun for the whole family

16 Feb 2017

For those always on the lookout for creative projects to share with their kids, parenting site Kiwi Families has a whole lot of fun DIY ideas that are perfect for the whole family.

Using budget-friendly tools such as Resene testpots and recycled items, the projects are great for kids to practise their creative skills, with cute-as-a-button results.

Check these out, by Kiwi Families contributor Alayna Flighty:

How to make a pompom doll

If you're stuck for ideas for kindy craft fairs or kids' enterprise days, these are a fun and quirky option. It's also easy on the budget, simply using beads, wool, and testpots in Resene Pink Lace and Resene Caramel. Click here for the DIY.

How to make a pompom cactus

Grab wool, a terracotta pot and a glue gun, and you're on your way to creating this gorgeous pompom cactus. To finish the look, Alayna painted the pot using Resene Scrumptious and Resene Black Haze. Click here for the DIY. 

DIY rainbow shelf

Alayna made this rainbow shelf for her daughter's bedroom, picking Resene colours to match a rainbow colour palette she found on Pinterest. Click here for the DIY.

The colours used are Resene Pink Lace, Resene Caramel, Resene Moonbeam, Resene Riptide, Resene Half Sail, Resene Sonique and Resene Black Haze.

Recycled box monsters

Have the kids use up empty egg cartons, cereal boxes and leftover Resene testpots to make these little box monsters. This project was created around Halloween, but there's no reason not to use it all year round. Click here for the DIY.  

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