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A colourful brew in a Resene-inspired hue: Garage Project and Resene join forces for Scrumptious drink

07 Apr 2022

It seems the most ingenious Kiwi creations start in Wellington garages. When Ted Nightingale stirred up some alkali-resistant paint in a cement mixer in his Eastbourne garage back in 1946, he probably didn’t realise he was onto a winner. Although he made the paint simply to protect his own concrete buildings, it proved to be so good all the builders in the neighbourhood wanted a can. Soon he had more demand than he could shake a paint stirrer at and Resene was born.

Sixty-five years later, a similarly spectacular creation was taking place in an old garage in Aro Valley. Pete Gillespie, Jos Ruffell and Ian Gillespie began brewing craft beers 50 litres at a time in the old mechanic's workshop, and the Garage Project was born. At first they set themselves the goal of brewing 24 different beers in 24 weeks, taking their humble creations down to Hashigo Zake bar for the public to try. They were also onto a winner and more than 180 different beers later; Garage Project are one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed craft breweries. Resene’s first ColorShop is metres away from Garage Project’s Wild Workshop, so it seems about time these two ingenious garage-born companies should join forces.

It wouldn’t be a Resene collaboration without colour. Resene and Garage Project’s bright new drink called, Any Colour You Like…As Long As It’s SCRUMPTIOUS is inspired by Resene Scrumptious, a hot pink colour that’s simply irresistible. It’s not just the can that’s colourful in this sour style brew. The beer’s soft kettle sour base has been saturated with a tonne of purple pitaya (Dragonfruit) and pineapple and pulls off a convincing fruit forward impression of the shocking fluorescent fuchsia of Scrumptious. A sensory delight for colour lovers and sour beer lovers alike, but get in quick stock is limited. Any Colour You Like As Long As It's - Scrumptious is available to order online and in selected grocery and liquor stores.  

If you’re in Australia, the Garage Beer x Resene Scrumptious beer is on its way over –  keep an eye out from late May at selected grocery and liquor stores. 

Be in to win 
To celebrate the launch of Any Colour You Like As Long As It’s Scrumptious, Garage Project and Resene are giving away a $2,000 Resene ColorShop voucher, a free Colour Consultation, and a $295 Garage Project merchandise pack.

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Published: 07 Apr 2022