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Get Growing: create some garden art

27 Oct 2016

With a bit of creativity, some Resene paint and timber off-cuts, you can release your inner artist… just as landscape designer Justin Newcombe did for the garden makeover on this week’s episode of The Get Growing Roadshow.

The garden is an ideal place to express individuality, so Justin and homeowners Natalie and Matt had fun creating an exciting Resene colour inspired project, which uses bright colours in a contemporary style for a simple piece of exterior wall or fence art. 

Natalie and Matt's colours came from a film they both love, but inspiration can be found anywhere – photographs, art, magazines or popular culture. Head to your local Resene ColorShop and pick up a selection of colour charts, or speak to staff for help to select the best colours to suit your artwork. 

The Get Growing Roadshow - making garden art

Here’s how the art is made:

1. Gather timber off-cuts from a building project and cut them to the same length. 

2. Using a piece of treated ply, cut a backing board the same width as the length of your off-cuts.

3. Take your chosen Resene colours and paint half of your wood pieces. This artwork uses Resene Blue Lagoon, Resene Sea Nymph, Resene Persian Red, Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream, Resene Fuel Yellow, and Resene Alpaca, all tinted into Resene Enamacryl, a hard-wearing waterborne enamel. 

4. Put the pieces together to see which colours you will need more or less of before painting the remaining pieces of wood. Apply at least three coats of paint for a punchy, glossy finish.

5. On a table arrange the pieces of wood next to the backing board then using a strong glue, glue each piece to the backing board.

6. Position the art, screw to the fence and enjoy!


Top tip: Your local Resene ColourShop has an excellent selection of paint colours to suit your unique garden art project and staff ready to help.

Watch the next episode of The Get Growing Roadshow this Friday at 9.30 on Choice TV.