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Girls' bedrooms get a gorgeous makeover

09 Nov 2017

Are your kids' bedrooms looking a bit drab? That was the case for Jenna, Andrew and their two daughters, who welcomed the HOMEmade team last week to makeover the girls' bedrooms. The team stepped up to the challenge, giving each room a stylish new look.

Before: The first bedroom tackled by the HOMEmade team.

After: The team removed the existing wallpaper, replacing it with wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection (code 25764), available from Resene ColorShops. The curtains are Resene Paradise and Resene Foam from the Resene Curtain Collection.  

Before: The other bedroom was also looking a bit drab. 

After: The team gave the bedroom a stylish facelift with new wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection (code 25764), available from Resene ColorShops. The curtains are Resene Unison and Resene Blonde from the Resene Curtain Collection.  

The team then turned to the garden, reviving the lower half of the young family’s section into an entertainer's dream.

Dan built a retaining wall incorporating seating and planter boxes, filled with Tui Outdoor Container Mix, Tui Mini Sheep Pellets and colourful flowering plants.

See Tui’s guide to sprucing your small space here.

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