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Growing with paint: First nature mural unveiled

26 Aug 2021

Faye Chadburn’s award-winning mural, ‘Circalunar Rhythm,’ has recently been unveiled on Percy Road opposite Papamoa Beach in Tauranga. The mural is part of Keep New Zealand Beautiful’s Resene Nature Murals Competition 2021.

Faye’s design draws attention to how the rhythms in nature are becoming less and less relevant in our modern lives, with less of us living from the land or patterns of the seasons. With whimsical and thought-provoking patterns, Faye’s mural raises awareness of how the ocean tides and the lunar cycles are slowly slipping away from daily thought.

Faye’s masterpiece features a variety of vibrant Resene paints and can be seen on Percy Road opposite Papamoa Beach in Tauranga.

"Circaluna Rhythm is a mural inspired by living by the beach, alongside ever changing tides,” says Faye. “It represents a constant reminder of nature’s powerfully unpredictable patterns. 

“I wanted to draw attention to the result of the lunar cycles through illustrating the plant life that washes up on the sand at the beach throughout the seasons and introduce an abstract way of viewing the beauty of beach life.”

You can view the top ten winning designs on the Keep New Zealand Beautiful website here 

Published: 26 Aug 2021