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Heads Up for Kids

09 Mar 2017

Still finding old and foreign coins in your purse and pockets? Bring them into any Resene ColorShop and help bring amazing opportunities to Kiwi kids.

Heads Up for Kids is a charity that collects obsolete money, redeeming it for New Zealand dollars and funding education programmes for young Kiwis who would otherwise not get the opportunity.

Since 2010, the Lions Club NZ has run Heads Up for Kids, helping more than 100 kids to become involved in leadership opportunities, including scholarships to Spirit of Adventure and Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centres. 

So far more than 22,455kg of coins have been collected, totalling $474,923.

You can donate by simply taking in your old money and foreign currency to any Resene ColorShop and selected New World supermarkets, and anywhere you see a Heads Up for Kids collection tin. To donate over the phone, call 0800 OLD MONEY.