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HOMEmade: scribble away!

21 Sep 2017

This week the HOMEmade team faced challenges inside and out – an interior with scribbled-on walls, and a back garden with an electricity pylon. 

The team wanted to give the three kids in this family a bright, colourful and creative playroom which will ideally double as another bedroom for when friends come to stay. With walls painted in Resene Write-on Wall Paint, the kids can be creative with their scribbles without doing any more damage to the home. The advantage of Resene Write-on Wall Paint is that the scribbled can be wiped right off, and the kids can start again.

The colours used are Resene Kermit (green), Resene Splish Splash (blue) and Resene Get Reddy (red), all off the Resene KidzColour chart. Resene Blackboard Paint also features. 

Outside, a large electricity pylon dominates the back garden. 

Now the garden... 

For the family of five, it was essential that their backyard makeover was family friendly, including a great new play area for the kids. The mum is a passionate cook so Dan and his team built a raised garden box and filled it with Tui Vegetable Mix and a range of veges.

To help feed the vege garden and their existing citrus trees, Dan introduced a compound composter and a Reln Garden Worm Cafe. Worm farms are a fun way to get the kids in the garden, to teach them about nature, how to recycle food scraps and maintain a garden with healthy conditioned soil. Get Tui’s Urban Farm Guide here.

Before: the kids' playroom was a jumble of stuff with scribbled-on surfaces. 

Before: the garden was a bleak space dominated by an electricity pylon. 

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