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Hot colour trends for 2014

06 Nov 2013

Call it retro or call it historical richness but brilliant yellows, pumpkin oranges and tomato reds are the accent colours of the season. Mix them with pretty pastels for a colourful balance and you have the hottest colour trends for 2014. Think bold, luminous colours from your childhood paintbox and you’ve got the idea. Vibrant, optimistic hues like Resene Daredevil, a fluoro orange, Resene Spotlight, an egg yolk yellow, and Resene Windfall, a bright emerald and shamrock green. Or think Resene Elvis, a Memphis, almost electric blue – bold, brash and full of action-packed energy. Whether it’s touches of colour in accessories and furniture or feature walls, these colours provide excitement to neutral colour schemes. For more on colour trends for the coming year, see the Resene website.

Published: 06 Nov 2013