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Keep kids safe in the kitchen with free locks from Kitchen Studio

23 Sep 2020

Anyone with kids knows how curious they can be, you’ll do anything to keep them safe, but they love to ‘explore’. Young children are naturally inquisitive, and as you know, you can't let them out of your sight for a second before they're getting into mischief.

In the kitchen, this nosiness can potentially be disastrous. With curious kids exploring kitchen cupboards and drawers, you just never know when an accident might occur. Thanks to Kitchen Studio’s new free child safety lock initiative, you can worry a little bit less about your child getting hold of chemical cleaning products or sharp knives.

Kitchen Studio’s complimentary child locks, available for both cupboards and drawers, are magnetic and hidden from view.

Free of charge, the Kitchen Studio team will fit ingenious child locks to any of their kitchens on request. The locks are 'invisible' as they are concealed from view inside the cupboard or drawer, and you can only open it with the magnetic key supplied. The locks, which work on both cupboards and doors, can be switched off when not required.

If you have not had your kitchen designed by Kitchen Studio, they simply ask for a donation to Plunket in exchange your safety locks – so you’ll be looking out for Kiwi kids twice over.

For more information, see the Kitchen Studio website.

Published: 23 Sep 2020