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Know a gardening hero?

13 Jul 2017

The search is on to find the 2017 GARDENA Gardener of the Year. If you know someone who has a green thumb and is doing great things for the community, make sure to nominate them by heading to

Whether it's someone who's the driving force behind the local vege-growing food bank or someone who is beautifying their town or restoring wasteland, if they're inspiring you they're worth a nomination. They could even win the Resene Colourful Character of the Year award.

You can also enter by post – address to 2017 GARDENA Gardener of the Year, NZ Gardener, PO Box 6341, Wellesley St, Auckland. Include your name and phone number plus contacts for the nominated gardener, or for a contact person if it's a group.

Nominations close 18 August 2017.