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Leaf designs to love

08 Nov 2018

Botanic designs and motifs are continuing their place in the popularity stakes – growing their way across wallpapers, on cushions, rugs, on accessories and now on two whimsical fabric designs in the Resene Curtain Collection. These two leaf patterns have a delicate, almost translucent feel, giving a soft painterly effect rather than a robust stylised look. 

Natura is a classic leaf design with a twist where oversized leaf structures are arranged in a layered effect. Pair this fabric with chic-rustic textures, such as natural fibres, soft leather and knits. The design comes in Stone (above left) and Mocha (right with Resene Salsa walls).

Denizen is a bold twist on a classic natural pattern. The feathery fronds of this jacquard are woven in two colours to add an extra dimension and relax the composition. It comes in Gold (left) and Flame (right, with Resene Half Caraway walls).

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