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Learn from the experts: The colours we love and why

26 Jun 2024

habitat by Resene’s podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, is here to help you with all your decorating projects – big and small, inside and out! 

In this week’s episode, Add to favourites: the colours we love and why, we’re joined by a panel of Resene colour experts who discuss and debate their favourite colours and colour combinations, past and present, then offer their advice on how you can use them. 

Do you have a favourite colour? How often does it change?  

Resene Colour Expert Brenda reminds us that it’s ok for our favourites to change, in fact they might change every day! With so many Resene colours you might stumble across one tomorrow that you never noticed before and suddenly fall in love with it. This often happens because colours affect our mood and emotions and the way we are feeling at the time.  

Choosing a colour has to feel true to you and resonate with you, so don’t feel bad when you feel like it’s time for a change, even if you want to go from light to dark.  

Brenda, Amy and Angela discuss their love for greens in particular, and how shades like Resene Siam and Resene Chelsea Cucumber can be a wonderful choice.  

But what happens when you’re choosing a colour for your home, and your partner or flatmate has another opinion? Listen in to hear some great advice from our experts who will answer all your questions.  

Listen below or tune in on iHeart radio or Spotify. 

For the full podcast series, click here. 

Published: 26 Jun 2024