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Most popular colours

06 Aug 2014

It’s no surprise that the biggest selling Resene colours are mostly neutrals. But even so, there is constant jostling within these hues, as shown with the announcement of the Resene top 20 list. For example, the green-edged creams have grown in popularity, with three variations of Resene Thorndon Cream now in the top 20. Blackened whites also leap up the list.

Previous favourite Resene Tea is still there with three variants but is knocked off its top perch. Resene Spanish White and Resene Pearl Lusta are perennial favourites, with three variants of each in the top 20. First launched more than 40 years ago in the full strength variant, they have been a favourite for many decorators since – an impressive feat when you consider only a few hundred colours were available then, and now there are thousands.

1. Resene Alabaster

2. Resene Black White

3. Resene Half Tea

4. Resene Half Spanish White

5. Resene Quarter Tea

6. Resene Quarter Spanish White

7. Resene Double Alabaster

8. Resene Sea Fog

9. Resene Spanish White

10. Resene Tea

11. Resene Pearl Lusta

12. Resene Rice Cake

13. Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream

14. Resene Half Black White

15. Resene White Pointer

16. Resene Half Thorndon Cream

17. Resene Half Pearl Lusta

18. Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta

19. Resene Merino

20. Resene Thorndon Cream