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Nelson's riverside murals

24 Jun 2015

In 2013, the streets of Nelson became home to a public art initiative – a growing outdoor gallery sprouting alongside the Matai riverside walkway.

Today, the river flows alongside art murals imagined by local artists and people from the community, such as the rustic sculpture, pictured above, at Millers Acre.

Artist Miriam Hansen's mural 'Intersection' is the latest on the scene, a series of fern motifs displayed on the back of the ACC building in Malthouse Lane. At 5 metres wide and 7m tall, it's her biggest work yet. 

Using a drop shadow technique, the sprayed ferns float from the wall in a soft, 3D effect, connecting the piece of architecture it's painted on to its natural environment.

The Riverside Murals Project is supported by, among others, Nelson City Council, The Canterbury Community Trust, and Resene.

Study this map and enjoy a walk of colour and art next time you're in town. Visit