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New Wellington children’s play space SoundScapes allows kids to touch the sounds of nature

25 Feb 2021

A new play space in Wellington allows kids under five to get hands-on experiencing the sounds of nature. At SoundScapes at PlayHQ at Queens Warf, young kids can discover acoustic and electronic sounds by touching objects and rooms painted in Resene SmartTouch conductive coating. By using this special conductive paint, which is connected to an electrical circuit, kids can touch objects to play nature sounds.

The mural at SoundScapes is painted in Resene SmartTouch conductive coating so that when children touch it sounds come out of the wall.

At the free drop-in play space children can navigate their way through a tunnel of interactive tree trunk to unearth the trickling sounds of the Water Stream, the Squishy Forest Floor and the Echos of Glow Worm Cove. They can step inside low sensory tents to discover the sound of night or cool down inside a wind den. When children touch the bee, kōkako and tūī on a mural the sounds come to life using Resene SmartTouch conductive coating.

“It’s always a highlight to watch children’s eyes light up at this discovery and the creative technology,” says Natalie Crane of Capital E.

The Glow Worm Cove at Soundscapes allows children to experience the sounds of nature through touch using Resene SmartTouch conductive coating.

“Our aim is always to provide unique and creative play experiences for children within Wellington. We aim to ensure all installations follow our Play Principals of which include; open-ended, imaginative, constructive and active play. We want to ensure children feel activated, inspired, motivated and connected with their creativity.

“Resene has always been a valued supporter of Capital E. In SoundScapes, we have been fortunate to have Resene sponsor not only the paint for our tree trunks and stepping-stones, but also the interactive Resene SmartTouch conductive paint for our mural.”

Visit SoundScapes at PlayHQ, 4 Queens Wharf Wellington.