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One down, one to go

28 Mar 2013

A lively charity auction was held in Carterton in the Wairarapa last weekend with a number if items for sale including two houses and a car. Paint for the houses was donated by Resene. An A1 home sold for $356,000 after a nail-biting finish with proceeds going to the Cancer Society Wairarapa and the Wairarapa Fire Fighters. Bidding for a house built by registered tradesmen with help from local Universal College of Learning (UCOL) building students reached $235,000. It didn’t meet reserve, however, so is still for sale. Interiors are in Resene Half Pearl Lusta while the exterior is Resene Drought. Chosen charities for the UCOL house, the Asthma Foundation and Life Flight Trust, will receive donations once the house is sold.