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Our First Home: Aterata gets her dream bathroom

24 Mar 2016

From a dreamy, marbled bathroom, to a 'Harry Potter' kid's wardrobe, it was an eventful week for Our First Home – and the teams' commitment to their home makeovers continues to remain strong. We take a look at the latest renovation highlights.

Team Pearce

Host Grant was sure that the Pearce family would be the winners this week, after seeing the plans for their next room reveal. And his instincts rang true. 

With walls painted in Resene Alabaster White, marbled tiling and a blissful freestanding bath, Atareta calls this her dream bathroom – and what's the bet many of the viewers were in agreement? It's a far cry from the drab state it was in before.

Team Wotton

The Wottons tackled the master bedroom this week, complete with expanded ensuite and refreshed cupboard space. The space was finished with a lick of Resene Merino on the walls and Resene Alabaster on the window frames, and left tastefully styled.


Team Roughan

Turning the space under the stairs into a wardrobe for the kid's bedroom was an ingenious step for the Roughans, who stretched the imagination for their next room reveal.Roughans, who stretched the imagination for their next room reveal.

The bedroom was painted in Resene Athens Grey, and features a CNC cut routered shelving unit and mural of Wellington City on the door. Resene Blackboard Paint was used for the chalkboard door, leading out from the wardrobe.

One of the judges noted that it's one of the best kid's bedrooms he's ever seen. 

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Our First Home airs Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm, on TV ONE. 

Published: 24 Mar 2016