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Painting the town pink and purple: Wellington gets splashes of Resene Scrumptious and Resene Biloba Flower for Fringe

11 Mar 2021

Wellington has a colourful avant-garde makeover in celebration of the Fringe Festival. Instead of painting the town red, venues around the windy city have been splattered in pink and purple shades including Resene Scrumptious, Resene Perfume, Resene Cupid and Resene Biloba Flower to mark the colourful festival which features cutting-edge theatre and performances.

Fringe Bar’s frontage receives a Fringe makeover in Resene Daisy Bush, Resene Cupid and Resene Scrumptious.

 “Resene Painting the Fringe' was a literal colourful take on where we were able to take the city. It's been a bright and colourful Fringey takeover of the city,” says the festival’s marketing manager Anna Fawcett.

The BATS theatre, Te Auaha, Fringe Bar, Circus Bar and The Gryphon Theatre have large colourful Resene displays for the festival which runs until March 20.

“We have giant pink and purple paint splashes in our brand colours all over town - you can't miss the Fringe right now. We have people stopping in the streets to ask questions and take photos, it's great.

“BATS were so enthused by the idea they let us paint their fences!”

Anna says a must-see show for colour lovers is Mā Pango Māwhero by K Pop cover artist Taylor&Roses. The show features songs by the Korean pop group BLACKPINK. She also recommends the Late Night Cabaret, a sumptuous, sexy and thoroughly silly late-night cabaret experience that features showgirls, songsters, drag artists and circus professionals.

“It’s colourful in a saucier sense, “says Anna.

Late Night Cabaret at the Fringe Festival features a variety of performers, with a new line up every night.