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Paste up pure glamour with these new metallic wallpaper designs

21 Mar 2019

The aptly named ‘Glasshouse Collection’ from the Resene Wallpaper Collection is an eclectic array of sophisticated fashion-led patterns that are sure to spark some glittering conversation. Here are a few of our favourites paired with some dazzling Resene colour palettes.

Turn your room into a walk-in Klimt painting with design GLA805 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. To get a look like this one, trim it with a terracotta like Resene Sunbaked or Resene Moccasin; or, double-down on gold by pairing it with Resene Cleopatra. Then, play off the wallpaper details by adding a few accessories in Resene Lazy River or Resene Bismark and Resene Courage or Resene Smoulder along with brass finishes.

Go for broke in the glamour department with design GLA403 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. Paint major furniture pieces in near-black Resene Noir or Resene Charcoal, accessorise with Resene Irresistible or Resene Havoc and stain timber floors in a few coats of deep dark Resene Colorwood Jarrah to make this literal glasshouse pattern really shine.

If deep green and black is too bold for your tastes, go for design GLA402 and mix in rich emeralds, such as Resene Family Tree or Resene Atlas, paint doors, architraves and paneling in Resene Smoothie, add a few touches of Resene New Leaf and finish off the look with ceilings in Resene Secrets.