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Phoenix gets his man cave

22 Jul 2015

All his life, young Phoenix has had to share a room with his sister and "all her pink stuff." It was time to move into his own bedroom, and this adventure-loving kid had big plans for the look.

In this week’s episode of Resene My Dream Room: Kids Edition, Mel Homer, Cocksy and the team trooped down to his home town of Ohope to bring the outdoors in for Phoenix's new bedroom. His dream was to have a forest-inspired bedroom complete with a tree-house bed – so the team got their wild on and created a lush woodland. 

Using a fantastic image of a stag in woodland, they also created customised wallpaper with Resene WallPrint. It was brought to life with real antlers on which Phoenix now hangs his crossbow.

Watch the full episode (and Phoenix's enthusiastic response!) here

Resene My Dream Room: Kids Edition airs every Tuesday, 7.30pm on Choice TV (Freeview 12 and Sky 026). Watch past episodes here.