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Resene goes green for World Environment Day

03 Jun 2020

June 5th marks World Environment Day for 2020. To celebrate, Resene is running Paint It Green all June. When you buy a green Resene 60ml testpot from a Resene-owned ColorShop, Resene will donate $1 to the New Zealand Trees That Count programme.

Green has long been touted for its ability to bring balance and harmony into interiors. It’s a versatile hue that can sit well within luxe, maximalist décor style, or a minimalist, serene home.

Trees That Count is an environmental charity on a mission to plant millions more native trees throughout New Zealand. Trees That Count runs the country’s only marketplace which provides a place for anyone to fund or gift native trees. This support is matched with planters throughout the country who are restoring, and growing, precious wildlife corridors or pockets of native forest, turning small projects into mighty ones.

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Published: 03 Jun 2020