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The Resene top 20

31 Aug 2016

Blackened-off whites have taken out the top three spots in the latest release of the Resene Top 20 colour list – colours like Resene Alabaster, Resene Black White and Resene Sea Fog. Long-time favourites Resene Spanish White (and variants), Resene Tea (and variants) and Resene Pearl Lusta are still going strong. And for the first time, a wood stain, Resene Pitch Black, features in the top 20. Resene Pitch Black is a popular option for exterior weatherboards and fences and is available as a Resene CoolColour™ option to reduce heat and stress on the substrate.

See the Resene Whites & Neutrals colour chart and The Range Whites & Neutrals to view these colours or try them out for yourself with a Resene testpot from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.