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Resene's new Walltastic murals

28 May 2015

What if there was a way to relive a past summer in Paris, or escape to a lush tropical landscape every time you walk into your bedroom?

It could never replace the real thing, of course, but Resene’s newest range of Walltastic murals do come pretty close. The new collection includes wall to floor murals of famous travel landmarks (the Eiffel Tower in the height of summer, anyone?), illuminated city skylines and tropical beach locations, and so much more. Kids themes get a look in as well, with  a fun range that includes fairy princesses, dinosaurs, and bumpers cars.

Each product comes in 12 panels, making it a breeze to apply and flexible according to how much space needs covering. Available from most Resene ColorShops (New Zealand only) – see where your local Resene ColorShop is by clicking here.