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Retro refit

05 Mar 2015

The trend for retro furniture is here to stay, and Sara Smith has put her hat in the ring restoring old furniture and selling it through her Facebook page Restore Me Pretty.

This retro cabinet was lovingly given the Sara treatment, with a lick of Resene paints in a delicious mix of pastel colours.

Here’s her guide to replicating the look:

After using Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface to prime top and sides, paint the foundation for the pattern in Resene White.

Once dry, paint the varying triangles and rectangle shapes in Resene Cornflower (pink), Resene Geyser (grey), Resene Riptide (blue) and Resene Paris Daisy (yellow). The backs of the sliding glass doors are painted in Resene Riptide. Clear finish areas with Resene Aquaclear.

Of course, the furniture you pick up may have a different wood grain or material. Speak to a Resene consultant at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller for paint advice.

See more of Sara’s restored furniture at