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See more with Big Colour

15 Jul 2014

Colour perception is affected by many factors, including the size of the sample viewed; generally the bigger the sample, the easier it is to distinguish the colour. That’s why we recommend using the whole Resene testpot on an A2 card to view the true colour.
To make this even easier, for the most popular Resene colours, we have created Resene Big Colour, a large A2 sized paint swatch… just like a drawdown except it’s around four times larger.
The Resene Big Colour swatch can be moved around the space to be painted and folded into the corners to see how it will look on adjacent walls.  To imagine how a colour would look on all four walls, turn the large colour sample so the colour is innermost and join the ends so it becomes a cylinder shape.  Then look down into the cylinder for the full colour effect.
Resene Big Colour swatches are available for ordering from Resene ColorShops, RRP $8 per swatch. Resene paint colours are also available in A4 swatches/drawdowns, Resene 55ml Testpots and a selection of colours are available in repositionable self-adhesive Resene Testpatches so you can place the colour on the wall to view it and move it around to suit.