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Stoking up

11 Aug 2016

If the recent cold snap has made you re-assess your heating needs, check out the new Stoke Fireplace Studio in Newmarket, Auckland.

Stoke brings together stylish, high-quality brands, both local and international, and showcases them in a sophisticated showroom using a simple black (Resene Nero) and pale grey (Resene Athens Grey) colour scheme with subdued lighting to allow the orange accent of the flickering flames to stand out. Also, to minimise confusion, the fireplace walls are painted in colours according to fuel type: pale walls were used for wood fires; black walls for gas. Rustic wood piles, shaggy rugs, painted bricks and exposed beams contrast with the sleek minimalism of the fireplaces and tile surrounds.

To experience it yourself, see the Stoke Fireplace Studio at 11 Eden St, Newmarket, or go online.