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Take a seat

19 Oct 2017

Last month, seven chairs sat facing each other outside of Massey University's Albany campus. Each chair was painted in a different colour using Resene testpots, to represent Auckland's diverse society.  

The project was part of the university's installations for Peace Week, and was intended to invite people to sit together and talk, find common ground and understanding... and in turn, develop respect and rapport. 

"When I was a kid and a box of crayons included a FLESH coloured crayon, it was usually my colour, a peachy pink tone," says Jill Shaw, chaplain of Massey University, Albany campus.

"That's not at all representative of the society in which we live in Auckland, a super diverse city of over 200 ethnicities, 160 languages, with 40 per cent of Aucklanders not born here."

The project was well received, and will be used again in the future, possibly during Spirituality Week in May 2018.

Published: 19 Oct 2017