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Thank you for being colourful

10 May 2018

Ever walked past a house and been utterly taken with its colourful exterior? You can now thank the homeowners for bringing such beauty to the neighbourhood.

Created by the New Zealand Colour Society and available at Resene ColorShops, these thank you fliers can be slipped into letterboxes of the homes that made you look twice – telling the homeowners that you appreciate them making the neighbourhood a more interesting place to be.

The fliers are supposed to be a surprising, positive act, says Lucy Orbell of the New Zealand Colour Society.

“I hope people find them in their letterbox and feel touched to have received one,” she says. “I think it takes courage, and a bit of imagination and flair to paint one's home in less common hues. Those people deserve to be acknowledged for their extra effort and bravery – and they genuinely make the street a better place to be.”

The fliers are stocked in Resene ColorShops throughout New Zealand. Lucy keeps fliers in her car, so she can easily pop one in the letterbox of a house that inspires her.

She also encourages people to take a photo of the house and message it to the society – she will then post it to the Instagram page. See the Instagram page here.