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Three’s The Block NZ Recap: kids bedrooms revealed

04 Jul 2019

Week 2 of The Block NZ: Firehouse, the four teams were charged with creating a kids bedroom – with the bonus challenges of incorporating assigned wallpapers and crafting a pair of custom bookends.

While judges Jason Bonham and Lizzi Whaley’s critiques lifted the spirits of one team, the other three weren’t particularly pleased with how they scored.

Stacy & Adam

Stacy and Adam’s winning toddler’s room featured Resene Wallpaper Collection 219236 (shown here on the left wall), Resene Half Dusted Blue painted wood wall paneling, and Resene Quarter Bianca on the other walls, trims, doors and ceiling.

Things were looking particularly good over in Apartment 1 this week, winning the kid’s bedroom. The judges thought that Stacy & Adam had used their wallpaper well and that their choice to use a lot of it was a good one, with an extra nod to the bulkhead detail. They liked the addition of the wooden wall panelling, which Stacy & Adam painted Resene Half Dusted Blue, but wished it had been brought farther around the space. In general both Jason and Lizzi felt that the couple’s styling had really improved from last week and that they had listened well to the judge’s previous comments about the lighting, but Jason challenged them to take a little more risk with next week’s room.

Get the look with Resene Wallpaper Collection 219236, Resene Quarter Bianca and Resene Half Dusted Blue.

Sophia & Mikaere 

Sophia and Mikaere went dark for their nursery with Resene Half New Denim Blue walls trimmed with Resene White. The ceiling is also painted Resene White.

Over in Apartment 4, Jason’s initial thought was that Sophia and Mikaere’s choice of Resene Half New Denim Blue was an interesting colour for a nursery and that they had done an amazing job at accessorising but didn’t think the space was calming or soothing enough to suit a newborn. The wallpaper they had been given was used to create a set of wooden house-shaped toys but the judges felt it would have been better utilised on the wall behind the bed.

The feedback was that it was a well-executed space – functional, practical and well-accessorised – and while they felt like they were being creative and had focused on quality, more lighting was needed.

Get the look with Resene Half New Denim Blue and Resene White.

Lisa & Ribz?

Lisa and Ribz kept things simple this week with Resene Wallpaper Collection BN49805 on the walls of their teenager's space, Resene Quarter Grey Chateau ceilings and Resene Half Black White trims.

When it came to Apartment 2’s teenager’s room by Lisa & Ribz, Jason liked the shelving and thought the exposed brick was a nice detail but he didn’t think they connected with anything else in the space. With Resene Wallpaper Collection BN49805 on the walls of the space, Resene Quarter Grey Chateau ceilings and Resene Half Black White trims, Lizzi didn’t feel that the bedding or headboard matched the walls and that it made the look less cohesive. While she liked the pop art, she thought the couple missed the opportunity to connect the colours into the rest of the space.

After last week’s low scores, the judges’ feedback was that Lisa & Ribz played it too safe this week and the end result was boring.

Get the look with Resene Wallpaper Collection BN49805, Resene Quarter Grey Chateau and Resene Half Black White.

Ethan & Sam

Ethan and Sam teamed Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69757001 with Resene Double Bianca on the lower walls and trim in Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

Over in Apartment 3, the judges loved the wallpaper pattern, Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69757001, but thought it could have been used better in the room. The size of the space also presented other problems in terms of layout and access, as did the design of the bunk beds and the ‘mezzanine’. The rug and window treatments were misses, as was the styling of the beds and lack of colour continuity.

Poorly finished and styled, both Lizzi and Jason had some strong words to share as part of their judgement – including that they thought the whole room would need to be redone.

Get the look with Resene Wallpaper Collection SMIL69757001, Resene Quarter Rice Cake and Resene Double Bianca.

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