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Think pink

02 Nov 2017

We have a running joke in the office – when we ask stylists to come up with interior concepts, they will undoubtedly include a shade of millennial pink.

If you haven't heard of the term yet, you've definitely seen it – on the catwalk and in most homewares stores. It's the colour du jour for fashion and interiors alike.

Bedrooms painted in Resene Blanched Pink (left), and Resene Pot Pourri. Get the look of the living room above with Resene Wafer, styled by LeeAnn Yare. 

And while there are points in the last ten years that have led to the colour becoming pervasive in popular culture, there's no definitive shade. However, you can recognise it by its dusky qualities –softer than hot pink and more sophisticated than traditional pastel pink.

If you're ready to invite this colour into your home, have a read of our pink for grown-ups article here. We unveil Resene pinks that you're bound to fall in love with.