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Three’s The Block NZ: Entrance, hallway & laundry

15 Aug 2019

This week, the teams were challenged with completing the entrance, hallway & laundry of their apartments. The entrance is a space that provides the critical first impression to a home. It’s always good for the area to be eye-catching and the laundry to be practical with storage solutions aplenty.

Stacy & Adam

Over in Apartment 1, Stacy & Adam were tasked with transforming their entrance, hallway & laundry with a scheme that would match the bold design choices from their main living areas. Before getting started, the duo envisaged a contemporary and striking interior. Aware of the scale of the project, to save time the team opted for white plywood for the stairwell walls, a material Jason notoriously dislikes, making it a risky choice. But upon entering the completed interior, the judges were blown away. They thought the plywood panels were unexpected, crisp, detailed and modern, saying that they helped take what could have been a white hallway to a new level. The couple also incorporated the boldly striped Resene Wallpaper Collection SV2613 as both a focal point and to set the expectations for the rest of the apartment.

For the entry to Apartment 1, Stacey & Adam chose Resene Wallpaper Collection SV2613, a bold striped wallpaper with a contemporary feel. The door, trims and ceiling are painted in Resene Quarter Bianca

Jason and Lizzi loved the innovative artwork populated throughout the hallway, in particular the firehouse print which provided colourful nostalgia. The glass panels hung on the wall at the top of the stairs enabled light to bounce off the grand light fitting, around the hallway before reflecting on the large pendants. Jason thought that this was a nice touch on what would otherwise be a dark room.

The team covered the walls in white plywood to both save time and create a neutral palette. Throughout they added a selection of post-modern artwork and sketches to add pops of colour, which the judges thought provided colourful nostalgia.

Further into the hallway, Stacy & Adam added storage under the stairs in the form of industrial shelving, which the judges added was a creative gold mine. The laundry was painted in Resene Quarter Bianca, offering a conscious continuity of colour from the rest of the apartment. Overall, they thought Stacy & Adam’s interior was a fantastic, well executed space.

The duo created a creative and practical gold mine with storage units beneath the stairs, with an industrial effect. The laundry room, painted in Resene Quarter Bianca, offers a deliberate continuity of colour pulled from the rest of the apartment.

Sam & Ethan

Last week Ethan & Sam had a great week, so the duo was keen to wow the judges once again. Stepping into the entrance of apartment 3, the judges thought that the marble floor tiles were the star feature, adding a luxurious feel to the space. In the hallway, they liked the Resene Half Innocence wall and thought that the Resene Wallpaper Collection 35899-1 wallpaper previously used in the living room added a welcome continuity to the space.

Though the entrance to Ethan & Sam’s apartment did not win over the judges, they thought Resene Half Innocence in the hallway was a good choice. The accent wall in the entrance is painted in Resene Bush and Resene Xanadu vertical stripes with diagonal lines of Resene Solid Gold FX metallic paint. The adjoining wall and ceilings are in Resene Half Black White. The pair used Resene Wallpaper Collection 35899-1 in the hallway, which was also used in their media room.

When it came to Ethan & Sam’s laundry, Jason and Lizzi thought it was a fabulous, large area. Overall, the judges thought that the team did a good job and although the front entrance lacked mood and atmosphere, but it wouldn’t take long to fix.

Jason and Lizzi thought Ethan & Sam created a spacious laundry area with good storage solutions. The cupboards and ceiling are in Resene Half Black White while the accent wall is in Resene Fast Forward and the area above the folding doors is in Resene Retro.

Lisa & Ribz

This week, Lisa wanted to go bright, bold and sexy but Ribz wanted to opt for softer shades. The end result for Apartment 2 was an entrance painted in the strong, earthy tones of Resene Mother Nature and embellished with a large brass mirror.

Lisa & Ribz painted the entrance to apartment 2 in Resene Mother Nature with Resene Black White on the trims, ceiling and doors. When it came to the hallway, the judges loved the Marilyn Monroe pop of colour. The walls are painted in Resene Half Concrete and the ceiling, doors and frames are in Resene Black White.

For the hallway, the team painted the feature wall in Resene Solid Gold FX metallic paint, which offers continuity from the living room.

Both judges commended the team on the welcome pop of neon reflected in the Marilyn Monroe artwork and the credenza storage solution and styling. 

The judges commended the team for their laundry room, explaining that it ticks all the boxes. The ceiling and door frame are in Resene Black White.

For the laundry room, Lisa & Ribz opted for dark acrylic cupboards and large washing and dryer machines. Jason and Lizzi thought that the laundry room ticked all the boxes and was a spacious area.

Sophia & Mikaere

Sophia & Mikaere had elaborate plans for heritage features in their hallway and bold tiles in their entrance. The hallway is painted in a neutral colour palette, providing light and space, with a bold and moody feature wall in the entrance painted in Resene Shark. Lizzi liked the colour of the feature wall but thought that the Resene Triple Concrete could have been carried throughout the hallway and would have also worked to diffuse the bright lighting. The judges loved the tiled floor with a tie in bench, adding that it was a ‘master stroke’.

Sophia & Mikaere’s statement moody entrance wall is painted in Resene Shark, contrasting with the Resene White ceiling. Both judges loved the wall panelling as a reflection of the other rooms in the apartment. The trims, door and ceiling are in Resene White and the walls are in Resene Triple Concrete.

Further into the hallway, Sophia & Mikaere added panel detailing to the walls, which alongside the ‘clever’ colour palette offered a perfect continuity from the rest of the apartment. Upon entering the laundry space, Jason thought that the tiles were quirky and cute, and that the washer dryer combination was a good idea for the smaller space. Both judges were, however, a little disappointed as the space was unfinished. They added that the team had great ideas but were not executing the work.

Quirky, cute tiles cover the wall behind the washer dryer combination machine, which is handy in small spaces like this. The walls are painted in Resene Triple Sea Fog and the ceiling is in Resene White.

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