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Three’s The Block NZ recap: Apartment 5 revealed

25 Jul 2019

On the fifth week of the programme, it seemed fitting that the teams worked together to tackle the remainder of Apartment 5 in a way that would result in a cohesive colour palette and style throughout the space.

Stacy and Adam

Resene Bandicoot creates a soft feature wall that introduces a natural, warm and snug element into an otherwise open plan room. Stacy and Adam bring the colour out and into the room through soft furnishings and plant life. The surrounding walls and ceilings are painted in Resene Black White.

Last week, Stacy and Adam created a nicely styled and light room which was commended by the judges. This week, they were charged with renovating the living room in Apartment 5.

The judges called the living room a well-layered space, one with a calm and restful feel to it. Stacy and Adam selected Resene Bandicoot as an accent hue on a tongue-and-groove panelled wall. The judges complimented the team on this design element, adding that the colour choice on the wall added a pleasing texture to the feature wall and overall ambience. Additional colour blocking was mirrored through artwork on the opposing wall. Stacy and Adam were also praised for their choice of natural timber flooring, which works to add a warming element to the space.

Though the judges did not particularly like the stick-on mirrors on the adjoining walls and the television being made the main focal point of the room, they found that the room overall felt lived in, extremely practical and comfortable. It ended up being enough to garner them the win this week.

Sophia and Mikaere

Sophia and Mikaere chose to keep the apartment 5 kitchen neutral, opting for white cabinets and off-white tiling to complement the Resene Black White ceiling and walls. The judges commended the two teams for their communication as they felt this colour palette kept a fluidity between the kitchen and living room.

Sophia and Mikaere were tasked with the kitchen area in Apartment 5, which adjoins Stacy and Adam’s living space. The judges felt that the space had a good feel about it and was one that included all the right ingredients.

When it came to the blinds, the judges felt that just enough light was let through and worked well with the overall colour scheme. The feature wall in the living area (at the far back) is painted Resene Bandicoot. The other walls are Resene Black White.

Jason and Lizzi complimented the couple on their choice of furnishings, adding that the size of the table worked well with the space given. Though they weren’t too keen on tiles or the gold trim at the edge of the tiling, they felt that overall the space was functional, practical and accessorised to a high standard.

Lisa and Ribz

The judges felt that while the room was clean and the glass desk was innovative, they both agreed that the lighting was too harsh for the room to appear comfortable. The walls and ceilings are painted Resene Black White.

This week, Lisa and Ribz were tasked with renovating apartment 5's guest bedroom and laundry. Overall, the judges felt that the bedroom was nice and simple, their choice of furnishings appeared comfy and inviting but advised that they should have brought additional colour from the framed swatch on to the walls to make it more interesting.

Though Jason and Lizzi thought the laundry room would benefit from more shelving, they commended the team on including a combination washer/dryer. The walls are painted Resene Black White.

Sam and Ethan

The judges loved the red and brick accent wall, but felt that it would have taken better lighting, colour and storage solutions for the room to have been a success. The side walls and ceiling are painted Resene Triple Concrete and Resene Black White.

Sam and Ethan were tasked with designing the second bedroom and hallway space in Apartment 5. Jason and Lizzi loved the brick feature wall but felt that they could have pulled more of the colours from the brick to create a moodier colour palette. Though the pair had been reminded of the desired colour ratio when they were painting the room, the result was a white and grey bedroom with beige soft furnishings. The judges said that they would like to see more creativity with colour for future rooms.

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