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Top tips to help you paint it red for Red Nose Day

29 Jul 2021

It’s Red Nose Day and Paint it Red is in full swing at Resene. Buy any red Resene testpot from your local Resene ColorShop (NZ) and $1 will be donated to Cure Kids as part of their Paint it Red appeal.

It’s not only a great chance to support Cure Kids and the wonderful work they do, but it’s also a great opportunity to try out a new paint colour.

Homeowners Lisa Maria and Paul painted their dining feature wall in Resene Mexican Red, trim and ceiling in Resene White and surrounding walls in Resene Half Barely There.

3 handy tips for painting interiors red:

A red interior done well can be warm and welcoming or bold and beautiful. Studies have shown that colour impacts our mood and influences our emotions, so using intense colours such as red can make us feel energised. 

  1. Reds such as Resene Poppy and Resene Vanquish work well in social shared spaces such as a living room, dining area or place of high activity.
  2. The colour red contrasts beautifully with a white ceiling and trim. The white trim enhances the bold nature of the red, making the space feel even brighter.
  3. Don’t paint your red swatches straight onto the walls, paint them on a large piece of cardboard leaving an unpainted border around the edge.  You can then move them around the space to see how they look at different times of the day and night. Making your swatches larger will help you evaluate how the red interacts in the space and how it looks under interior lighting.

Published: 29 Jul 2021