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Whale tale inspires winning sculpture

07 Jun 2018

There’s so much to love about this year’s winning Brick Bay Folly, an abstracted giant sea creature full of gorgeous Resene paint colours.

The folly is part of the popular Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, and each year emerging architects are invited to submit designs to see their ideas come to life.

For the 2018 folly, the tale of Jonah and the whale provided inspiration for the winning sculpture. In the biblical story, the prophet Jonah is swallowed by a big fish (often depicted as a whale) where he dwells for three days before being set free.

The idea evolved into the now completed sculpture, where visitors are invited to walk through a tall enclosure, inspired by the belly of a whale.

The architects behind the sculpture are Norman Ning Wei from Moller Architects, Cynthia Yuan from MPM Projects, Kim Huynh from Paterson Architectural Collective and Kevin Kun Ding from Open Media Lab (pictured above).  They have used a palette of Resene Carissma, Resene Minnelli, Resene Extrovert, Resene Half Sail and Resene Jade.

Read more about the inspiration behind the winning folly here.