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Is your home healthy?

10 Jun 2015

June 2015 is Home Health Check Month: four weeks of easy, simple-to-implement tips and advice that will help you to reduce your bills, make your home warmer and safer, and improve your environmental footprint into the bargain.

The four themes include:
energy, health and comfort
safety-tips featuring Lifemark

Check out some of the tips for week 1 – tackling energy, health and comfort:

TIP 1. Insulation is essential – and the most important place is the ceiling. Get up there and check your insulation. It should be at least 12cm thick with no gaps, folds or tucks. Check out whether your local council offers a scheme where you can pay off the cost of insulating through your rates.

TIP 2. If you still have old incandescent bulbs in your house, replace them with an efficient CFL or LED bulb. An average-priced LED could save you $290 over the life of the bulb.

TIP 3. Tackle those pesky draughts to keep warm air in and cold air out. Make sure curtains cover your windows completely and are thermal lined, and seal off unused fireplaces. Use draught strips and excluders on draughty doors and windows.

Follow Homestar, as each week they release more tips on making your home healthy.