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Casting a message through a mural

22 Jan 2024

Artist Melinda Butt has transformed the toilet block at a local park using various Resene greens and blacks to represent a special message.

“The inspiration behind the work was the reference of Tukua o Punga,” Melinda says. “The local Tikipunga Primary School, which borders the park also incorporates Tukua o Punga as part of their motto.”

The school’s motto, Tukua o Punga, means ‘Cast Your Nets’, with an aim for each student to reach their personal potential and be meaningful and productive members of society. The school values the uniqueness of each individual.


Melinda used the shades Resene Feijoa, Resene Black, Resene Japanese Laurel, Resene Green Leaf and Resene Willow Brook to paint her mural.

“The park environment informed the colour palette,” Melinda says. “Using various green tones I created flowing shapes around the front and sides of the building. These forms symbolise eels, journeys and the flow of life.

“At the back are two eels swimming into nets. This abstract depiction incorporates classic symbology of yin and yang, water, and the circular nature of life.


Melinda used Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen paint tinted to her chosen greens and blacks, with Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield on top to protect her artwork. 

Melinda has been a practising artist all of her life specialising in murals for over 10 years. She is very passionate about creating engaging public artwork, and her designs are always site-specific, with an aim is to promote a sense of pride and strengthen local identity.

Get in touch with Melinda at [email protected]

Published: 22 Jan 2024