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Contemporary mural adds a pop to Paddington Public School’s playground

10 May 2021

Artist Lymesmith has completed a 125m2 mural for the heritage listed Paddington Public School playground with paint from Resene.

Lymesmith is a unique art and architectural practice that specialises in working with colour to develop site-specific artworks that express and enhance our understanding of place. The studio is headed up by Sonia van der Haar and was responsible for the mural featured on the cover of BlackWhite issue 01.

This latest botanically themed work features the native flora of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, which was the key inspiration for project. 

 “Working with school community volunteers, the project evolved in front of the students over an intense week of painting,” explains Sonia. “Paddington School’s vision to enrich student learning, Resene’s commitment to original colours and quality products, and Lymesmith’s practice of art, colour and architecture has transformed a heavy brown brick wall into a vibrant backdrop for the school playground.”

Created with a palette of Resene Blue Charcoal, Resene Triple Sisal, Resene Sazerac, Resene Wax Flower, Resene Japonica, Resene Sebedee, Resene Kamikaze, Resene Jalapeno, Resene Cornfield, Resene Lemon Ginger, Resene Panema, Resene Bird Flower, Resene Charlotte, Resene Envy, Resene Kandinsky, Resene Parsley, Resene Highland, Resene Gum Leaf and Resene Deep Teal, the hues bring a refreshing dose of contemporary colour juxtaposed with the school’s earthy, heritage colour scheme.

“Now you walk in and it’s completely engaging and the colours really pop out, it’s a lot more of an exciting and energising space to be in.” -- Paddington Primary School teacher.

“It just used to look grey and not very fun, now it looks happier.” -- Paddington Primary School student.

Lymesmith interviewed some of the staff and students for their feedback on finished project. Check them out at the three links below:

Paddington Primary School Mural Interviews | Lymesmith 1.3
Paddington Primary School Mural Interviews | Lymesmith 2.3
Paddington Primary School Mural Interviews | Lymesmith 3.3

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Published: 10 May 2021